Music lessons are a fun and interactive way to develop your musical talents. That is not to say that you can’t learn by yourself. After all, a weekly guitar lesson won’t substitute your own efforts during personal practice time. But the benefit of music lessons include:

  • Musical mentor-ship and guidance
  • Hands-on teaching
  • Personally tailored and customized instruction
  • Someone with whom you can jam and immediately apply newly learned skills
  • Access to consistent feedback on your progress

More importantly, your success depends on the individual you choose as your music mentor or instructor. They must possess not only musical skill and talent, but also the ability to teach well.

Patience, gentleness, being personable and amicable–these are vital traits to any music instructor. This is especially true when it comes to teaching children. With my education, experience and training (beyond the realm of music even), you can be sure that music lessons won’t be a waste. Instead, they’ll be productive, memorable, and enjoyable!

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