For the music-loving musician, “the gig” is the pinnacle of all melodic experience. Practicing long hours and honing your skill makes all the sense in the world when performing before of a live audience. It’s quite the rush! At least, I know that’s what I feel every time I play for Cari Fontaine, a charming vocal prodigy of stellar proportion! Some people say that playing live isn’t for them. Learning guitar or any instrument is just a “hobby” for private enjoyment. Well, all I gotta say to that is… watch out for the bug!

Music is a force brewing in the soul waiting to explode! First it’s a challenge; next, it becomes a pleasure; finally, it becomes an obsession! And, just like most obsessions, you can’t help but share them in hopes that others will appreciate the spark within you (and maybe catch a bit of it themselves)!

So what should you consider when looking to transition to any live “stage”? From playing for a group of friends during an informal gathering to headlining an official event, here are a few tips:

  • Consider your Audience: What kind of experience are you offering the listener? Like any proper social interaction, the experience should be pleasant, courteous, but most of all, engaging!
  • Consider your Capability: What can you actually pull-off? Rely on your strengths! That’s where you’ll shine!
  • Consider your Gear: Intention, skill and sensibilities aside, having musical instruments that deliver is an absolute necessity! This could be the difference between failure or total success!

Finally, never stop learning! There are a lot of resources out there that can help you become better at sharing your gift on any stage. As long as you keep an open mind and “play it by ear,” I’m sure a musical journey is on the horizon for every melodic traveler.

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